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The watchdog for Windows desktops

Know when your security controls are failing or need some TLC

Automatically assess device vulnerabilities every time the software changes

Remotely audit your devices for security flaws and configuration weaknesses

Log and review device hardware and system configuration changes

Check your devices are operationally ready for the day ahead

Centrally monitor your device event logs and reliability indexes

Zero-configuration setup (up and running in just 2 minutes!)

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By joining Node Patrol, you…

Empower your IT staff to work proactively

The issues matrix, event logs and detailed monitoring alerts make it easier than ever for your staff to pick up the phone and call the user, rather than waiting for something to go wrong and the customer to call you. Our one-click compliance assessments provide you with dozens of opportunities to improve the security of your devices.

The benefits of proactive support are too good to be ignored!

  • Customers are saved a huge amount of time.
  • Customer satisfaction and feedback is greatly improved.
  • Customers are more loyal, and are likely to recommend your service.
  • Fewer unforeseen calls to the Service Desk.
  • Small issues are resolved before they become reputation damaging problems.
  • One study by inContact found that:
    • 87% of people are happy to be contacted about customer service issues.
    • 75% saw proactive calls as a pleasant surprise and positive experience.

Save up to £1500 per employee every year

Research by YouGov and Managed 24/7, a London based IT service provider, found that slow computers and IT issues are costing each employee one working day per month. With the average UK salary at £31,461 in 2020, this equates to a loss of £1499 per employee per year!

Reduce your exposure and improve security confidence

46% of UK SMEs suffer a cyber breach every year at an average cost of £11,000. Among these 46%, one-third report experiencing attacks or breaches every week. One-in-six firms attacked in 2021 said they almost went under as a result.

Node Patrol interrogates the security products installed on your devices and provides a clear central reporting interface, we also flag antivirus status changes in monitoring alerts, on the issues matrix and in the daily operational readiness email.

We currently monitor BitLocker protection, the Windows Defender Firewall service, Windows Defender Antivirus, third party antivirus products, User Account Control, Windows Updates, exposed NTFS shares, system compliance and application vulnerabilities.

  • Be confident that your security controls are active and healthy.
  • Understand the vulnerabilities in your environment exposing your organisation.
  • Uncover opportunities to improve the security of your devices.
  • Gain visibility of your Windows security features and products.
  • Simple, actionable alerts enabling you to mitigate risks quicker.

Get a grip on unauthorised changes and accountability

One of the first bits of feedback we frequently get from new customers is "all this time, we had no idea that was happening". They're referring to the dozen unauthorised changes happening in their environment every single day. Vendors are getting more aggressive with their updates and their customers have less control than ever when it comes to choosing what changes to permit and when.

Examples of the system changes we detect and report report:

  • Staff enabling and disabling security controls such as UAC.
  • Applications automatically updating in the background.
  • Applications adding themselves to the startup list.
  • The installation or removal of services, features and updates.
  • Driver versions being changed unexpectedly.
  • Windows Events pointing to serious underlying system issues.
  • The addition, removal or modification of network adapters, volumes and hardware.

Easily identify and address problematic and slow computers

Our issues matrix, device summary and presentation of the Windows Reliability Index makes the process is identifying slow and/or problematic devices easy and fast.

We look at each device's stability, performance and events and compare a Windows-generated reliability score against the daily average score for your organisation.

This means you can compare one device against all others to see, in a matter of seconds, if the device is harming your organisation's productivity.

Have happier, less stressed employees, and fewer resignations

Employees are made angry by their computers. 75% of employees have witnessed colleagues swear at their monitors out of frustration. 40% report their jobs as "extremely stressful". 50% of employees would consider moving jobs if their work technology was impacting their performance and 43% said they only suffer bad technology because their employer doesn't care.

Unanticipated IT issues, reactive support, misconfigured security controls, vulnerable systems and slow devices all result in dissatisfied and stressed staff. They feel as though their technology is damaging their productivity and potential. Whether it be user training, hardware upgrades, application updates or device replacements, our service provides you the data you need to act.

Time for a demo?

Join co-founder  Michael in a caffeine-fuelled Node Patrol walk-through. In just 15 minutes you'll see the account creation steps, device enrolment process, and many of the feature our service has to offer! Remember to grab a first.

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