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We help you keep your computers secure and healthy, effortlessly

With Node Patrol: You're informed of issues that threaten security or productivity, and start each day confident that you've minimised risk. You're never caught off-guard by endpoint security issues. You always know the 'next step' when it comes to improving security.

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Small businesses are exposed and under attack

46% of SMEs fell victim to cyber attacks in 2021
1-in-6 nearly went under as a result
One-third were attacked every week
The average cost of a breach was £11,000
60% of SMEs folded within 6 months of an attack

Security shouldn't be the only focus

Slow computers cost £1500 per employee each year
75% have witnessed peers swear at their computers
50% would resign if their PC impeded their performance
25% of under 25s have seen colleagues kick their PCs

Node Patrol is a game changer for our small business. I receive a daily email that details our issues and at-risk devices, plus the solutions to sort them. We feel less exposed and more in control of our computers.

Nick Acworth Chief Operating Officer @ Roxhill Media

I wasn't expecting much from the trial. It took just a few minutes to get started, and perhaps another 20 for me to realise this was exactly what my team needed. Worth every penny.

James Whitaker Technical Solutions Architect @ HUB Parking Technology UK

It's easier than it looks…

Step 1

Create your account

This takes just a few minutes, simply enter and verify your email address. All customers enjoy a 14 day free trial!

Create your account

Step 2

Install our agent

This is the patroller software, its responsible for monitoring your computer and sending telemetry data to our servers.

You'll need to enter a unique key when installing the agent, this is provided to you when you create your account.

Step 3

Do what you do best

You're all done, there's nothing to configure, our agent will figure out what needs to be monitored.

You can browse the dashboard, or simply enjoy your daily health and security report (via email).

We managed service providers

Unlock new revenue opportunities

The data offered by Node Patrol is a literal gold mine for proactive service providers.

Consider our outdated applications feature, which highlights third party applications with available updates. This should form part of your patch management process. Now consider our compliance assessments, which can find dozens of hardening opportunities in less than 20 minutes, all of which you can bill time for remediating. For almost all MSPs, time is money, and the more honest work you can bill for, the better your bottom line.

Be more proactive than ever before

Node Patrol provides a number of new ways to look at the devices you support. Take for example our Operational Readiness Report, also available as an email, which makes it easier than ever to respond to problematic and at-risk devices, before any catastrophic failure and without requiring the user to report an issue. The same can be said for our issues matrix, antivirus protection, and outdated software reports.

Easily manage multiple organisations

Create and support an unlimited number of organisations in the same Node Patrol account.

The user interface changes slightly when you have more than one organisation in your account. A dropdown menu is added to the left of the main navigation menu which allows for quickly switching between organisations:

Enjoy shared volume discounts with unified billing

Billing is account based, rather than organisation based, which means that all of the organisations in a single account use a single billing source. This means less paperwork, fewer invoices, and greater savings. For example, 10 small organisations might not be able to individually justify purchasing prepaid credits to benefit from the bulk order discount, but together they can.

You can still report on credit usage per organisation, so it's easy to track organisational spend.

Lock it down with our advanced security features

The tools that power your business have a responsibility to provide you with comfort and peace of mind, we're no different. It's why we've added a number of advanced security features to protect your business and your customers:

  • IP allowlist to restrict access to Node Patrol.
  • Optionally enforce all users to configure two-factor authentication.
  • Force all users to change their passwords on-demand.
  • Review the activity and authentication logs as required.
  • Monitor and terminate your user sessions.

Single sign-on, log-off and just-in-time provisioning

We won't go in to the benefits of using your own identity provider here, but you can be certain they're plentiful. You can now connect Node Patrol to your existing Identity Provider such as AzureAD, Okta, OneLogin, and Active Directory Federation Services. You and your colleagues may then log in to Node Patrol using your existing corporate credentials. Supports single sign-on, single log-off and just-in-time (JIT) user provisioning.

Time for a demo?

Join co-founder  Michael in a caffeine-fuelled Node Patrol walk-through. In just 15 minutes you'll see the account creation steps, device enrolment process, and many of the feature our service has to offer! Remember to grab a first.

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