Monitoring software that encourages continuous improvement and proactive support, not just incident response.

Instantly monitor Windows security, compliance, vulnerabilities, updates, health, storage, performance, applications, events, operational readiness, and the user experience.
Empower support proactivity and have your customers rave about your attentive, effective service. Understand how they use their computers, their needs, and what causes them pain.
Satisfy numerous PCI DSS, ISO 27001, ISO 20000, and SDI Service Desk Certification requirements.
Fully automated setup. Most customers are up and running in minutes. No configuration required.

No card or purchase required

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You're minutes from desktop greatness

Immediate results without any configuration

Understand what's making you vulnerable

60% of breaches in 2020 exploited known and patchable vulnerabilities

Our bespoke vulnerability scanner automatically reassesses the vulnerabilities on your devices every time an application is installed, updated, or removed. The assessment is run on our servers, so there's no impact on your users or their devices.

No more lapses in antivirus protection

46% of SMEs fell victim to cyber attacks in 2021

We provide unified, vendor-agnostic antivirus protection monitoring, which includes checking the age of each product's definition database. Customers running Windows Defender also benefit from Defender's threat detection reports.

Empower Service Desk proactivity

Problematic PCs cost UK workers 17 days of productivity in 2019

Our issues matrix (and operational readiness email report) enables your service desk to address devices issues before they have meaningful impact on productivity. A 2017 survey found that reactive support and problematic computers cost UK businesses £1499 per employee.

Update buggy and vulnerable apps

20% of patchable vulnerabilities are classified as critical

Node Patrol makes it simple and painless to stay on top of third-party application updates, allowing you to patch vulnerable apps and disruptive bugs before they have any meaningful impact on your business.

Reduce your risk and exposure

We find 20+ critical issues on every device we scan

Our automated compliance assessment tool uses benchmarks provided by DISA and CIS to check hundreds of device settings. The resulting reports can be used to strengthen device security and identify high-risk configuration issues.

Our customers feel more in control

Visibility of a problem is the first step toward its resolution

It's a game changer for our business. I receive a daily email that details our issues and at-risk devices, so we're rarely caught out by desktop issues. We certainly feel less exposed and more in control of our computers.

Nick Acworth COO @ Roxhill Media

Very simple to join and easily the most affordable service available. It's genuinely amazing how much we discovered in the first 20 minutes. Disk space issues, missing updates, vulnerable apps, and everything in-between.

James Whitaker Technical Lead @ HUB Parking

We're plug and play

Desktop-zero to monitoring hero in minutes

Step 1:

Create your account

This only takes a minute. We'll ask for your email address and send you a mailbox verification email. All customers enjoy a 14 day free trial, no card required.

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Step 2:

Install our agent

This is the patroller software, its responsible for monitoring your devices and sending telemetry data to our servers.

You'll need to enter a unique key when installing the agent, this is provided to you when you create your account. You can find out more in our guide.

Step 3:

Enjoy monitoring greatness

You're all done, there's nothing to configure, our agent will determine what to monitored (many of our features are Vendor-agnostic). You can browse the dashboard, or simply enjoy your daily health and security reports.

Step 4:

Tell your AV we're here to help

Our device scans and assessments can make some antivirus products feel uneasy (it's a false positive). To prevent your AV from quarantining the agent we highly recommend adding 2 exclusions. We do this automatically for Windows Defender.

MSPs Node Patrol

and with good reason!

Maximise engineer utilisation

Node Patrol is a gold mine for proactive service providers. Engineer utilisation is a key to ensuring your technicians are not just cost neutral, but actually generating profit for your business. Our continuous monitoring and automated security audits detect and report work items that are commonly overlooked by even the most vigilant service providers. Addressing these issues improves ticket volumes, engineer utilisation, mean time to fix and many other key service metrics.

Surpass client expectations

Increasing the ticket volume allows the service desk to recuperate unacceptably low service metrics, and depending on your billing model, can greatly improve your bottom line. One MSP received glowing feedback from a principal client as they felt that the relationship had become "more active, present, and communicative". This was the result of increased desktop awareness and service desk proactivity.

Multi-organisation support

Create and support an unlimited number of organisations in the same Node Patrol account. The user interface changes slightly when you have more than one organisation in your account. A dropdown menu is added to the left of the main navigation menu which allows for quickly switching between organisations:

New revenue opportunities

Node Patrol checks hundreds of configuration settings and makes recommendations to improve device performance, security, and reliability. These are work items usually missed (easily overlooked) by MSPs. We're aware of one MSP (Dec, 2021) using the automated compliance scan data to propose and justify a security project, potentially generating tens of thousands in new revenue for their business.

Big savings with unified billing

Billing is handled on the account level rather than per organisation which means that all of the organisations in a single account use a single billing source. There are numerous benefits to this design including less paperwork, fewer invoices, and greater savings.

For example, it's more feasible for an MSPs to purchase 5,000 prepaid credits in 1 order and use them to monitor devices in any number of organisations. This would save the MSP 21% compared to typical PAYG pricing. You can still report on credit usage per organisation, so it's easy to account for organisational spend.

Advanced security features

The tools that power your business have a responsibility to provide you with comfort and peace of mind, we're no different. It's why we've added a number of advanced security features to protect your business and your customers:

  • IP allowlist to restrict access to Node Patrol.
  • Optionally enforce all users to configure two-factor authentication.
  • Force all users to change their passwords on-demand.
  • Review the activity and authentication logs as required.
  • Monitor and terminate your user sessions.

SSO, SLO, JIT provisioning

Connect Node Patrol to your existing Identity Provider (such as AzureAD, Okta, OneLogin, and Active Directory Federation Services) and enjoy the security and UX benefits of Single Sign-on, Single Log-off, and just-in-time user account provisioning.

Role-based access control

Easily control and monitor access to organisations, devices groups, and system settings with user group RBAC. Some MSPs have even granted read-only access to key client contacts!

No time to book a demo?

Join co-founder  Michael in a caffeine-fuelled Node Patrol walk-through. In just 15 minutes you'll see the account creation steps, device enrolment process, and many of the feature our service has to offer! Remember to grab a first.

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