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Billed every 28 days, no contracts or minimum commitments

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Credits are the currency of our service

When you add and approve a device we issue a 28-day licence and deduct one credit from your account balance. If the device is online when that licence expires we automatically assign a new one and deduct another credit.

If a device isn't communicating with us when its licence expires (because in the cupboard, decommissioned, or simply not in use) no further credits will be deducted until it comes back online.

Our monthly pay-as-you-go plan

Create an account, enjoy your trial, and add a payment card when you're ready. We'll send you an invoice for the credits used in the last billing period, automatically charge your card, and send you a detailed breakdown of your usage. The credit cost for PAYG customers is £4.90 per device per 28-day cycle.

A simple PAYG example: You have 10 devices that are online most weekdays. These devices would collectively use 10 credits every 28 days for a total cost of £49.00.

Want to know about prepaid credits?

Our prepaid credits option, for large or loyal customers

Prepaid device licencing works exactly the same as PAYG, but instead of building and settling a negative balance each month, you simply purchase a large volume of credits in advance for a lower unit price. You can pay by bank transfer (BACS) or credit/debit card. The BACS reconciliation is fully automated, credits should be added to your account within minutes of your payment clearing. We'll let you know well in advance if you're running low on credit and will switch you to PAYG automatically in the event that your balance is exhausted.

Example prepaid credit fees

Credits purchased You pay Benefit
250 credits
Best for 15 - 25 desktops
£1,151.50 You save 6% (£73.50) compared to PAYG!
500 credits
Best for 25 - 50 desktops
£2,229.50 You save 9% (£220.50) compared to PAYG!
1000 credits
Best for 50 - 100 desktops
£2,229.50 You save 12% (£588.00) compared to PAYG!
1,500 credits
Best for 100 - 150 desktops
£6,247.50 You save 15% (£1,102.50) compared to PAYG!
2,500 credits
Best for 150 - 250 desktops
£10,045.00 You save 18% (£2,205.00) compared to PAYG!
5,000 credits
Best for 250 - 500 desktops
£19,355.00 You save 21% (£5,145.00) compared to PAYG!
7,500 credits
Best for 500 - 750 desktops
£19,355.00 You save 24% (£8,820.00) compared to PAYG!
10,000 credits
Best for 750 - 1000 desktops
£35,770.00 You save 27% (£13,230.00) compared to PAYG!

About our free trial

All new accounts are created with 5 free credits which expire after 14 days. There is no need to add a payment card until these credits expire, so you can enjoy your trial both risk and obligation free. There are no other limitations to the trial and you will have access to our full list of features.

Everything included in one plan, no gimmicks!

  • Performance monitoring

  • Issues matrix

  • System compliance scans

  • Antivirus protection and status reporting

  • Windows Defender threat detection

  • Windows Update and release reporting

  • Windows licencing, activation and trust

  • Windows Event Log collection and monitoring

  • Application install, update and removal tracking

  • Application vulnerabilities

  • Windows reliability index and events

  • User account control monitoring

  • Service and feature installation alerts

  • Local user and administrator creation alerts

  • Passive application metering

  • BitLocker protection monitoring

  • Device and component asset inventory

  • Unlimited Node Patrol user accounts

  • IP allow-list for restricting dashboard access

  • Enforceable 2-factor authentication

  • SAML Single sign-on and JIT user provisioning

ROI claculator for SMEs

The calculator below has been provided as a guide only and users are advised to make their own calculations. No rights or claims can be derived from this calculation. The calculator does not consider the benefits of reduced employee stress and the effect on work satisfaction, which reduces turnover and recruitment fees, and does not take in to consideration the cost of lost knowledge and experience as a result of staff turnover. The calculation does not consider the other tools you have at your disposal.

Some information, including value explanations, is hidden on mobile and touch devices. We recommend using this calculator on a display with a horizontal resolution of at least 1024px (such as a laptop or desktop).
Consideration Per year Explanation
Salary cost of employee downtime: - Employees lose working days every year to due to slow and problematic computers.
Lost revenue due to employee downtime: - We assume employees are not generating revenue during technical downtime.
Cost of a biennial cyber attack: - Hiscox reports 46% of SMEs experience a cyber every year, with an average cost of £11k for every 10 employees. We have presented this as an annual figure.
Total preventable loss: - The total cost of successful cyber attacks, lost productivity, and lost revenue.
Cost of effort invested in Node Patrol: - We predict that for every 20 employees, you will have one techie spending 30 minutes on Node Patrol every day (Assumed 7.5h working day, 255 working days per year).
Node Patrol fees: - We assume you will use the PAYG payment model and that each employee will have one device, each costing £4.90 every 28 days.
ROI per employee: + The reclaimed value of lost productivity per employee per year, minus Node Patrol fees.
Total ROI:
(that's %)
The reclaimed value of lost productivity, assuming that Node Patrol is only % effective at preventing downtime and cyber attacks, minus fees and customer effort.

1. UK average FTE salary was £32k in 2020 (Source: ONS)
2. 2019 survey reveals UK employees lose 5% of their time to slow and problematic computers (Source: HR News, PROBRAND)
3. 2020 average revenue per employee in UK SMEs was £140k (Source: FSB)
4. Our mission at Node Patrol is to reduce employee downtime and successful cyber attacks on SMEs by at least 30%