Introducing your Node Patrollers

We are tremendously proud of and grateful for our talented people

Avatar for Sam, our CEO


Chief Exec

An experienced leader and serial entrepreneur in the tech start-up scene. Sam has directed the creation and launch of dozens of high-profile websites and founded a number of highly successful software companies including Node Patrol and Everlution Software, a London-based software agency and start-up incubator.

Sam is democratic leader and manages our people by exception, stepping in as a facilitator when the need arises. His leadership style demonstrates the trust and respect he has for his colleagues. Sam's philosophy is reflected well in Node Patrol's core values of trust, integrity, ownership, continuous learning, and innovation.

Avatar for Michael, our COO


Chief Ops

Formerly the Technical Operations Manager for a MSP that worked exclusively with Financial Services clients, Michael understands the threats and opportunities faced by the modern service desk. It was his position in the industry that prompted the creation of Node Patrol, a service to address the issues he experienced first hand in technology leadership.

Michael is an enthusiastic automator and passionate leader. Expecting to earn Chartered Manager status in Q4 of 2021, he is committed to his personal development, the study of management theory and the endless strive for best practice.

Avatar for Miro, our CTO


Chief Tech

Miro is the veteran architect that sat with the founders on day one to discuss the technical challenges, risks and opportunities of the Node Patrol project. His contribution has resulted in the creation of an outrageously responsive technology stack that can scale to support millions of devices.

Much of our innovation and systems design is the result of Miro's unrivalled understanding of modern platforms, protocols and systems, and how they can be manipulated to satisfy the unique demands of our service.

Avatar for Michael, our Lead Developer


Chief Dev

A talented multidisciplinary developer with specialist skills in DevOps and DevSecOps, Ivan is responsible for the containerisation, deployment and maintenance of our infrastructure and serverless environment. He is also Node Patrol's lead backend developer and oversees our development lifecycle including code reviews and the management of junior developers.

In the realms of automation, reliability and efficiency, Ivan is (in our opinion) a force to be reckoned with.

Avatar for Vlado, our developer


Backend magician

There are a few hundred thousand lines of code that make Node Patrol, and there are very few have not been written or influenced by Vlado. He works tirelessly every day to implement new features and is the first line of defence when it comes to hunting down and resolving complex bugs.

He has a remarkable ability to comprehend and implement challenging specifications and his understanding of the Node Patrol backend is unmatched.

Avatar for Michael, our COO


Chief whip

A master organiser and communicator, Richard's experience and determination was responsible for Node Patrol finally going to market after 30 months of endless development. Responsible for keeping our product development on time, he acts as a facilitator to all, sourcing support and resource for those who need it most to meet their deadlines.

Richard is the wind in our sails when it comes to representing the customer interest and progressing with our roadmap. He helps the product development team keep their focus and the software development team keep their momentum.

Avatar for Aidan, our designer


Digital da Vinci

This man has a gift, his ability to comprehend unstructured ideas from uncreative folk and somehow produce something seen by all as pure beauty.

Consider our logo, images, colours, and overall design - if it's dark, blue or sexy then this man absolutely had something to do with it. Aidan's talent might be available for hire at Polyprism.

Avatar for you, our valued customer


Our valued customer

You are ambitious, highly effective in your role, and always on the lookout for new tech to improve the performance of your team and the wider business.

You hold the rest of the Node Patrol team to a higher standard, report issues you find with our software, and share with us your ideas and concerns. You are the most critical member of our team.